The Thrill of It All

Scary movies have been around for a long time, each movie that comes out is filled with special effects that the previous ones lacked.


Many may deem these movies as the real horror movies. They are filled with creatures that are of a supernatural realm. Vampire, werewolves, and ghosts. These creatures are legendary, and the mere thought of them provokes psychological reactions, rather than physical ones. While these movies don’t really rely on blood and gore to instill fear, they reach their audience on a far more emotional plane. Ghosts and the spirit world have been a fascination for many years, and a mystery that the human race just cannot figure out. While the thought of the spirit realm excites, and interests many, the fear of what they don’t know is far greater.


This horror movie plot is not as widely popular as the other, however, they have made for some good viewing pleasure. To sum it up, the plot involves a mad scientist who makes a discovery or creates something that is not of this planet. The creation or discovery wreaks havoc on the world and is uncontrollable. Finally, the military, or another group of armed heroes, step in and bring the world back to order.


The evil beings or monsters in these movies are far more real, and close to home. This genre often finds its plots in real life events. They involve the likes of serial killers and rapists who threaten, torture, and murder. These are more frightening to watch than those borne out of the imagination because they are more likely to become a reality. Other naturalist plots may involve killer bees or a rampant wild animal wreaking havoc on the community. These are also very real possibilities when compared with vampires, and monsters from another world.