Heat-pumping, Fear-inducing, Scary Movies

Most people love the thrill, and suspense of becoming completely engrossed in a scary movie. While it may leave you crippled with fear at the time, you keep going back for more.

What Makes A scary Movie So Enticing?

There are so many different aspects to consider when thinking about why it is people find scary movies so enticing. While it may simply be the thrill of the adrenalin pulsing through the veins, or the escape into a world that is far more engrossing than normal, mundane life, there is a chance that more psychological factors are involved. It must be understood that fear is not simply a biological reaction, but rather one deeply seeded in the emotional state. Once activated, the feeling is hard to turn off.

Characteristics of Scary Movies That Keep You On Edge

Tension, and the build up to the main event are what keep you on edge. While there may not be any particular gore, or blood involved, the fear is induced on a more emotional, and psychological level. Scary movies that feed on this tend to keep you feeling fearful even after the stop button is pressed. Scary movies that are more visual than psychological, may have you feeling at your wits end at the moment, however, once finished, you tend to forget about it. Anticipation builds the tension even more. While you are insanely aware that something is going to happen, the fact that you don’t know when allows you to become captivated by the story line. When the expected does eventually happen, its at an unexpected time, and may startle you considerably.

The Wicked Twist in the Tail

The expectation that a “happily ever after” in on the rise is completely unfounded. There is always a wicked twist in the tail in the dying seconds that leaves your mind wandering. They leave you desperately hanging on to what comes next.