Comedies: A Good Laugh Trumps Everything

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh from time to time. You will be pleased to know that besides the entertainment value, your health is being well, and truly improved.

Why Watch Comedy?

Many people love to watch a good comedy. They love the laughter it incites and the feeling that it leaves them with. In a world that is riddled with stress, it is wonderful to know that there is some reprieve, even if only for the two or so hour duration of the movie.

The Recipe For A Good Comedy

It is true to say that all movies have the same basic requirements. Actors, a script, cameramen, a producer, and a director, however when it comes to comedy there is something extra that is necessary to make it a laugh a minute experience. There is something so special about someone who has the ability to put a smile on another persons face simply by a change in facial expression, or a sudden movement of the body.

Laughter Is The Best Remedy For Most Things

Watching a comedy movie, and having a good laugh may be more beneficial to you than you think. Getting your daily dose of comedy can help to reduce stress levels. Long term pain management can be achieved through laughter. Having a good giggle can cause the body to create, and release natural painkillers. If you have been down with the flu, pull out the funniest comedy in your collection, and laugh it off. Boost your immune system with some funnies. If stand up comedy is your thing you will be pleased to know that your blood pressure should be one hundred percent. Laughter increase the ease with which blood flows through the body, and reduces the risk of elevated blood pressure, and the subsequent heart disease. Besides all of that, laughing is good exercise.