Casino Movies to Inspire You: Taking the Choice Piece of the Pie

Surely, at one time or another, everybody has dreamed of winning big at the casino; however, the reality is that it won’t happen to you. There have been many movies created that inspire you to dream big, and that succeeding is possible for anybody.

The Dream

The dream has flitted through the head of almost everybody alive at some point or another. That elusive dream of hitting the jackpot at a casino, and leaving the doors as a millionaire. Many have brought the dream to life, and many have attempted, and failed. There are those who feel the risk is too great. The latter are those who choose to live that dream vicariously through others.

The Stable Line That Runs Through Them

A vast majority of casino movies involve some form of gambling, whether playing on the slots, or the more serious tables, there is always some sort of money being placed. Most involve someone who is down, and out on their luck, struggling to survive, or in a life and death situation that requires money as the solution. The character almost always chooses to try his luck with his last pennies, hoping that lady luck smiles back.

The Outcome – Life Changing

Casino movies seldom see the down, and out character in a worse position at the end of it all. Usually they win some kind of jackpot that gives them the ability to change their lives for the better. They were willing to risk the last of what they had in order to try to find a way forward, and were victorious.

While it may be heart-warming to see someone rise above the adversity, it is easier to grasp when you aren’t the one taking the enormous risks. Casino movies may not inspire you to go out and gamble, but they will assure you that there is a way out.