The Great Escape

Watching an action movie is the perfect way to escape reality, and enjoy adventure within a completely made up world, but safe environment.

What is It People Love About Action?

The thing about the human race is that stress creates feelings of negativity. The inability to control a situation is different from stressful situations that are limited in duration, and controlled, and thus provide a different sensation, one that is thrilling, and somewhat enjoyable. This is where action movies come in. Granted the situations created within the movie may be stressful, however, the audience realizes that the situation is within their control, they are safe, and that it will only last for a specified time frame. Escaping reality is one way of leaving behind the stresses that plague you in your daily life. Action movies allow you to be one with the hero, identify with him, and develop a new found confidence based on his achievements.

Choreography Is King

In any action movie, it is the action scenes that bring the most excitement and thrill. They usually entail a lot of synchronized moves, and skills that go beyond normal acting. Besides the acting, the photographer, or videographer has to up to the challenge. They need to understand the basic fundamentals of the action sequences, and how best to capture their full potential.

The Plot

It is safe to say that most action movies don’t require a lot of thought in order to enjoy them. The basic plot lines are always similar. There is a good guy, and a bad guy, and the battle ensues. Any opportunity is good to shoot at someone else kind of action. There is the possibility that this kind of entertainment that doesn’t require much brain power, or physical, and mental strength to enjoy, is the reason the action movie world is so popular.