Action Movies: Where To From Here?

In a bid to keep the action movie genre fresh, and exciting, screenwriters have had to become really creative with regards to storylines, and plots. People love great action, however, at some point, the same old story is going to lose its edge.

The Kidnapping Plot

This plot has become exceptionally popular of late, with some really great franchises making their way onto the box office. The kidnapping plot involves just that, kidnapping. The victim of the kidnapping activities is usually a tool used to get to the hero, who is their target, to begin with. Once in motion, the hero will stop at nothing to return their loved one safely. It may involve travelling to foreign destinations in pursuit of the kidnappers. The age-old story of the damsel in distress rings true in every sense, however, the damsel might not be female, and the hero may not be a knight in shining armour.

The Oppression Plot

This is a plot that is less commonly used, but has produced some brilliant storylines in the past. These stories most commonly involve a group of individuals who are being oppressed by the villains, enter the hero who comes to save the oppressed, and the day. There is no personal vendetta involved. It is simply the good guy doing the right thing.

Without Bad Guys There Would Be No Action

The basis of all action movies is fairly simple. The plots are based on aggressive actions that the human race has been bestowing on each other in reality for decades. Perhaps the ability to relate to the situation in this manner is what draws the audience in. The stories may change slightly, the weapons may get bigger, and more powerful but one thing is certain; as long as there are bad guys doing their thing, there will always be an unwitting hero waiting to save the day.