Action Movies: The Plot Thickens

Action movies provide a wonderful escape from reality and the uncontrollable stresses that daily life brings with it.

The Basic Plot To All Action

The just of any action movie is really for the good guy, to take on the bad guys in a battle to the end. Any good reason to pick up a gun and start blasting each other away. While it may seem like a very basic outline of any story, they can be categorized further, but the basis remains the same.

Revenge Plot

A revenge plot is extremely common in action movies. It involves the hero of the movie, and of course the villain. The villain has in some way wronged the hero leading to a furious plot of revenge against the villain. The biggest obstacle here lies with the screenwriters. There are only so many different revenge scenarios that you can muster up, and finding new, creative ones is not an easy task.

The Siege/Escape Plot

This kind of action scenario usually involves the hero being trapped, with no chance of escape, in a location that is secure. The hero is forced to use his wit, and weapons to get himself out, and into freedom. The locations change, and can be anything from a prison, to a ship, to a remote island.

The Assassination Plot

While this plot may involve more than one hero, it pretty much involves the group of heros traveling a distance in order to destroy their foe. The biggest difference between revenge plots, and assassination plots lies in the simple fact that the assassination plot is far less personal. In assassination plots the group of heros’ is given a job to do, and they will go to all ends to complete it.

It becomes very clear that action movies are really the type of feel-good movie you watch to relax, and cheer on the good guys.