Welcome to the Home of Movies

The therapy of watching movies is one that still plays a crucial social role, even in today’s smartphone and digital technology zone-out society. There is something powerful in a good story being played out in front of the screen along with some quirky and often humorous lines. With such an array to choose from, it can be hard to make a selection, especially since so many movies now use CGI technology which often heightens the sense. However, coming together to either go out to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster or staying at home to watch an old classic, movies are profound in their influence.

Due to this demand and consumption, varies genres still hold firmly, these include the likes of scary movies, comedies and the all-time favourite of action films. The latter represents the human desire to find solutions to everyday problems. Superheroes portrayed in these movies are always working against impossible odds. However, the scary movie genre is also still keen on holding its own, making sure that no Halloween is complete without watching a movie in this genre, be it psychological or full-on gore.

But the adage of laughter being a very good medicine for the human soul still stands true. The side-splitting comedies are like feel-good remedies regardless of how stressful your day has been. We truly hope that our little home of movies awakens a new appreciation of the movies for all ages. Enjoying them is a matter of taking time out of a busy life and enjoying the company of the nearest and dearest.